The pleasure of collecting

50 años al servicio del coleccionismo
1971 - 2021

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Phildom Philately

Phildom S.L. (Filatelia Domfil) we are a family business founded in 1971 and dedicated exclusively to the purchase / sale of stamps, coins and tickets for collecting. We also continue editing and album sheets for collecting ... with more than 21 titles published throughout its history, becoming one of the most important publishers in this speciality.

In this new stage, we update our website and introduce the largest catalog of existing online stamps, with more than 1,825,000 images cataloged by countries and topics.

Phildom was selected by International Olympic Commitee as the publishing company of the Official Catlog of Olympic Seals CIO. www.olympicstampscatalogue.com

At the present Phildom S.L. opens new horizons of collecting introducing all kinds of collectibles.